The daily evolvement and growing interest in AI adoption worldwide, within different industrial sectors, have triggered scholars and practitioners to keep looking after every single piece of information and promising ideas that they can beneficially gather relative to that topic for the sake of enhancing consumers' experiences and excitements while using banks' mobile apps or any other online services. The level of adoption for AI chatbots in banking sectors promises to boost the servicing experience. however, due to issues related to trust, privacy, security, and emotional connections, the level of reluctancy while dealing with these AI chatbots still exists with no promising figures of resolving these remarkable complexities. The paper sheds light on the extant literature on AI chatbots for the sake of developing comprehensive ideas of the relevant research gaps on how to ideally mitigate these negative views together with further directions for future scholars. Moreover, this paper emphasizes the most influential reasons for having these negative feelings and reluctance while dealing with such AI chatbots. Also, in this report, there will be an emphasis on the possible and potential contributions of this research area.


Artificial Intelligence (AI); AI-chatbots; Online banking services

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