The basic objective of the paper is to develop a conceptual model on experiential marketing in order to find its impact on brand loyalty and moderating role of consumer gender. It is the fact that in the current scenario the segmentation of the personal care is based on gender. Experiential marketing is adopted by the marketers to let the consumers have the feel of using and having brand experience. At times this marketing is also referred as “live marketing” or “event marketing experience,” the motive behind it is to create an experience which has a memorable impact and helps in developing an emotional connect with the brand and the consumer. The advent of experiential marketing has given the consumers to feel , touch , sense and develop loyalty towards the brand as in traditional marketing it was not possible. This marketing technique creates an holistic approach not only to make the consumers aware of the product but at the same time convert them as a regular and loyal users. The millennial generation is the generation which has come after the baby boomers they are also known as the Y generation. They are born in the age where technology is playing a serious role in every prospect of life. This generation want to experience everything and marketers have the option to convince them as they share the same with peers. A sample of 273 millennial generation user of personal care products is collected analysed through a structured questionnaire. A structural equation model is developed to test the research hypothesis . In the study it was also found that the brand awareness and brand association have a statistically significant positive influence on Generation Y female customers’ brand loyalty towards personal care brands, with brand association being the major contributor towards female customers’ brand loyalty. The study will help marketers to find new opportunities for the next generation which is z and as they are more independent and data natives.


Experiential Marketing, Millennials, Brand Loyalty, Generation Y, Personal care products, Brand association

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