There is a popular notion that the life of innovators and inventors is a glorious and enviable one because they have talents which others do not have, and because they can overcome any obstacles. These talents are, in the popular interpretation, something mysterious, indefinable and inimitable. But in reality, the innovators and inventors have to deal with many serious and pernicious obstacles which are unknown to other people. Those who are unaware of the obstacles must become aware of them and must reduce them, because the reduction of these obstacles will greatly facilitate the works of innovators and inventors. Another problem is the assumption that all people use the same logic, and therefore if you explain hard enough, you will be understood. Existence of heterogeneity of individual logical types (perceptual/cognitive/cogitative action types, abbreviated as mindscape types) is ignored, or at least exoticated as irrelevant. This article discusses these problems, with concrete experiential examples. This article also uses the methodology of raw-experience visualization-enabling communication (REVEC) with which the readers can formulate their own grounded theories independent from the theory of the writer.

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