Foreign institutional investors (FIIs) play a vital role in the stock market of a country and Indian stock markets are no exception to this. FIIs bring liquidity, buoyancy and growth in stock markets but at the same time they also enhance the level of volatility and instability. Over past few years the stock markets in India have shown an impressive growth. The stock market indices are making new strides and increasing number of shares are making new highs. Following India’s impressive growth story, increasing corporate profitability and competitiveness, and better integration with the world economy, the investment by foreign institutional investors (FIIs) in the stock markets of India has gone up tremendously. Investment decisions of foreign institutional investors in India are affected by so many factors. Investment behavior of domestic institutional investors (DIIs) is one such important factor. This research paper is an attempt to analyze the impact of domestic institutional investors on the investment decision of foreign institutional investors in India. In other words, this study explores whether Domestic Institutional Investors affect the investment decisions of Foreign Institutional Investors in India or not. For this purpose, researchers have used regression analysis. Mutual fund investments have been taken as proxy for investment by DIIs. Investment patterns of FIIs and DIIs have been divided into eight variables i.e. FII Equity Purchases, FII Equity Sales, FII Debt Purchases, FII Debt Sales, MF Equity Purchases, MF Equity Sales, MF Debt Purchases and MF Debt Sales respectively. The study reveals that investment decisions of DIIs affect the investment decisions of FIIs.


FIIs, DIIs, Investment Decision, Equity Purchases and Sales, Debt Purchases and Sales

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