Background: This paper is an effort to analyze cashless payment vs Conventional payment system in India. The current study focuses on the challenges and threats faced by Indian consumer while using digital money. The paper highlights the buying patter of consumer in context to cashless and conventional payment system. Methods: In the current study theoretical model is constructed reviewing different journals based on cashless as well as conventional payment system. The study evaluates factor effecting purchase decision in light of variables associated with payment mode. Primary as well as secondary data is used for framing the conceptual theory which emphasizes on associating factors for the use of card or cash as medium for purchase. The studies also focus on cashless payment and its impact on consumer. The study is based on quantitative research. The sample size chosen is 500 based on standard deviation of the pilot study. SPSS 19.0 is used in the current study for the analysis of quantitative data. Reliability analysis is used for measuring consistency of the questionnaire. Correlation test is used to find the association between independent and dependent variables. Results: The study evaluates the most promising factor for payment option in contrast to card and cash.


Cashless Payment, Conventional Payment System, Organized Retail Stores, Buying Behavior, Electronic Payment System

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