Employee empowerment is considered as an important human resource management practice because of its assumed relationship with job satisfaction. This research paper reviews the literature related to the relationship between employee empowerment and job satisfaction. Various definitions, approaches and dimensions of employee empowerment and job satisfaction are considered for the period 2000 –2015. Studies pertaining to individual level, work unit level and organizational level have been included in order to examine the relationship between them. Literature shows positive relationship between employee empowerment and job satisfaction in different sectors like hospitality, BPO, banking, and educational sector. It can be concluded that employee empowerment is positively related to job tenure while negatively with the emotional exhaustion, while job satisfaction is negatively related with both job tenure and emotional exhaustion. The paper also vindicates that public sector employees are more satisfied with their jobs as compared to private sector employees. The study indicates that the factors, which contribute to Job satisfaction, are gender specific in nature. Finally it can be concluded that in order to provide job satisfaction to the employees, employee empowerment can be used as a powerful tool. This paper helps the practitioners and other researchers to enhance their knowledge about empowerment and its impact on job satisfaction.


Employee Empowerment, Job Satisfaction and Mediator

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