Consumer behaviour study is an effort to understand the buying tendencies of buyers for their end use. Consumer buying decisions direct how healthy the company's selling policy fits market demand. The persistent invention in electronic products accompanied by great price war followed by various opponent products available in every market, has commanded sellers to focus on the consumers' buying behaviour. This study examines the effect of influencing determinants on consumer buying decision of electronic products amongst different socio-demographic profiles. The comprehensive analysis indicates that social and personal factors are strongly associated with the consumer buying decision of consumers which supports our previous study on similar ground and situational determinant is the new which play almost parallel role. The result also helps manufacturers and dealers in understanding consumer buying behaviour and assist in improvement on buyer gratification. It was recommended that sellers should take cognizance of the fact that socio-personal factors are the fundamental determinants of buyers' want and behavior and should therefore be considered when producing electrical products for semi-urban markets.


Influencing Determinants, Consumer Buying Decision, Consumer Behaviour.

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